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Political Action Committee

ONEOK does not contribute corporate funds to political candidates, but offers employees the opportunity to participate in the political process by contributing to the ONEOK, Inc. Employee Political Action Committee (ONEOK PAC). 

The ONEOK PAC is a voluntary fund supported by ONEOK employees who choose to donate their time and money to support political candidates. 

Employee contributions to the ONEOK PAC are used to support candidates running for federal, state and local offices who support the interests of the natural gas industry and business in general. 

A steering committee, made up of five senior management representatives, oversees all decisions and management of the ONEOK PAC. A contribution committee made up of 15 employees from across ONEOK’s operating area oversees and approves all ONEOK PAC contributions to political candidates. 

The ONEOK PAC is registered with the U.S. Federal Election Commission (FEC). It operates independently of any political party and complies with all reporting requirements of the FEC and state and local laws.

2017 ONEOK PAC Giving Summary